Unparalleled comfort and quality.  Peak PERFORMANCE.

Our process of designing and engineering our uniforms and products was put in place specifically with you in mind.  In fact, at UnitedAttire, our singular focus is to design uniforms that fit perfectly the needs of sports officials.  In our design process, we use the latest technology, materials and years of actual on-the-field experience to develop the uniforms and products that stand above all others.  

If you are a sports official interested in any of our products, and want to see for yourself what makes our uniforms stand out above all others, visit our product catalog pages or one of our retailers now.   



Our performance fabric is a perfect blend of advanced textiles.  Micro-Polyester's fibers are half the diameter of a fine silk fiber, one-third the diameter of cotton, one-quarter the diameter of fine wool, and one hundred times finer than human hair.  Consequently, our uniforms are lightweight yet durable apparel.   In addition to being breathable, our fabrics have advanced moisture wicking properties, keeping you cool even during your most intense moments.  We guarantee you will look and feel great in our uniforms.


Advanced Technology

Instead of using an old-fashioned inkjet transfer technology to inject color onto our fabrics, we utilize state of the art sublimation process to infuse our apparel with vibrant and long-lasting colors.  Utilizing a high-quality Italian ink, our sublimation process converts the ink into gas and permanently embeds it into the substrate of the fibers, resulting in a permanent bond that will not fade or be washed away even after going through countless washing machine cycles.  Your uniforms will always look fresh and professional.



We take a great care to design our uniforms to meet even the highest expectations.    Designed by referees and for referees, our  uniforms incorporate design features that provide comfort and raise your performance to the next level.  For example, our shirts were designed with a true athletic fit, side mesh panels for increased breathability and sport hidden pockets with easy-access pull open tabs.  In designing our apparel, we refused to comprise form over function.  Our innovative design is both practical and elegant, making you feel and look great.



While I haven't fit into my college uniform for some years, I have still found SIZING for my ref jerseys to be a problem.  This version finally fit as promised, and it's a welcome version at last!


I like that after few weeks the jerseys the jerseys are holding up very well, even when used in extreme California sun that tends to "bleach" some other jerseys over time.  This is good stuff.  Grade 7 here I come!


All products are terrific.  I like the updated trimmer fit jersey.

Shorts are top notch.

Sock are solid.


Nice fit and nice style--not as "billowy" as the more expensive models. I own the other brand shirt also, and this is better fit and quality. I'd pay the same for this as I would for the expensive brand, but I don't have to!


I am loving this new Pro design, especially for women. The cut is flattering, and it FEELS good. Plus, the zipper at the neckline is TOTALLY worth the extra $. And the zipped up jersey is TOTALLY worth the extra sun protection, no matter your age. Take it from ME, a turkey-skin necked 56 yo referee.


 Love the material and after few washes it looks like new. Fit is like tshirts, love it. Will buy rest of my colors soon.

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